Some favaourite albums of mine

So today is the first National Album Day in the UK, and for me this is great as I tend to listen to full albums more than songs on their own - I like to listen to songs within the context that it was released in, if that makes sense?! So I thought I'd put together a list of my favourite albums; these are by no means the only albums I love - there are loads more! But I guess these are the ones that mean something to me, have a special place in my heart (as cheesy as that sounds!) - The Resistance (Muse) Source: Not necessarily one I listen to a lot these days, but still important to me as it was the first album that get me into rock - and I'm using "rock" as a heavily generalised term! So I guess this is the foundation... - AM (Arctic Monkeys) Source: The one I would categorise as a "heartbreak album"; in my mind AM has this them

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